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Hiking in Dorf Tirol and surroundings

Characterised by beautiful landscapes

Dorf Tirol is an ideal region for hiking trips and alpine excursions: 70 km of well marked paths in the midst of an untouched nature, surrounded by orchards and vineyards, alpine meadows, romantic mountain farmsteads, clear alpine lakes and snow covered mountains.
The Texelgruppe Nature Park extends over an area of around 31,349 hectares belonging to the villages of Schnals, Naturns, Partschins, Algund, Tirol, Riffian, St. Martin and Moos in Passeier. The park is situated between the Etsch Valley in the south, the Schnals Valley in the west, the Passeier Valley in the east and the main Alpine crest in the north. The park includes the entire Texelgruppe, the Ötztal Alps in the north of it with Schnalser Kamm and Gurgler Kamm, as well as a small part of the Stubai Alps between Timmelsjoch and Timmelsjochberg.

Texelgruppe Nature Park and Hirzer Hiking Area

The Laghi di Sopranes lakes

The Laghi di Sopranes lakes are situated in the Gruppo di Tessa Nature Park above Tirolo at 2000 - 2600 meters above sea level. With its 10 lakes this group of alpine lakes is the largest of its kind in South Tyrol.

The lakes are scattered on an area of about 30 ha and thanks to their individual colors and shapes they have an exceptional character. This unique high-alpine lake landscape is an absolute "must" for persistent hikers and mountaineers!

"Waalwege" and boardwalks

Waalweg near Tirolo

The Waale are ancient artificially constructed water channels which in some areas are still used today to supply the fields and meadows with water. They are diverted from larger water courses so that the water flows along mountain slopes through the man-made channels with little gradient Along the routes the water can be diverted to the various farms by means of small sliuce-gates or locks. The amount of water each farmer receives is defined in the statutes of the Waal regulations. The "Waale" are still important today and are of considerable economic significance. The narrow pathways along these water courses invite all those seeking restful recreation to enjoy a walk and take photos.

Weather forecast for hikers

Detailed weather forecast
Tomorrow, 13.11.2019
Weather tomorrow South Tyrol Max. 9 °C
Min. 2 °C

Reading the wetter forecaste precisely is one of the most important elements when you are planning a trekking tour, especially if it's in the mountains.

On our site you will find the current hiker's weather forecast for Tirolo and environs.

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